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LinkedIn outreach service

I started the Service after seeing success with LinkedIn outreach for my own consulting. In my first month using the tactics, I booked 12 phone calls and had an additional 18 qualified leads I was nurturing.

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Spend time on conversations.

Not creating them.​
With 99 Sales Machines your sales team spends time on real conversations with quality leads. Instead of making tons of unanswered phone calls trying to reach the actual decision maker, and filtering masses of unqualified leads, 99 Sales Machines connects your business with the best leads from the start.
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Imagine generating 3-20 qualified leads every month…

with little to no work on your end.

Risk Free!

100% Money Back.

We’re confident we design and execute the very best campaigns to help businesses generate more leads and close more deals, and we want you to share our confidence!
That’s why we back every sale with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Get it today and if you aren’t completely satisfied and having more sales conversations in 30 days send us a message for full refund.

Money Back Guarantee. 99 Sales Machines, Digital Marketing Agency Berlin.

Sign up today and accelerate

your business growth.


3-month minimum commitment
$ 895 per month
  • 700 Target Prospects
  • 3 To 20 Warm Leads
  • Profile Optimisation
  • Campaign Scripting
  • 4 Drip Messages
  • Joint CRM
  • Daily Updates


3-month minimum commitment
$ 1195 per month
  • 1200 Target Prospects
  • 6 To 40 Warm Leads
  • Profile Optimisation
  • Campaign Scripting
  • 4 Drip Messages
  • Joint CRM
  • Daily Updates


3-month minimum commitment
$ 1495 per month
  • 2000 Target Prospects
  • 10 To 70 Warm Leads
  • Profile Optimisation
  • Campaign Scripting
  • 4 Drip Messages
  • Joint CRM
  • Daily Updates

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, this is a month-to-month service. There are no setup or termination fees.
We make it easy for you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.
The only thing we ask for is a 3-month minimum commitment.

Although, you do have the option to sign up for our quarterly plan, which will save you 10%.


Warm leads are the leads that we contact and who engage in the conversation or respond with interest. The amount varies depending on your service, price, offer, and your target market.
We’re not pitching, this is probably the biggest thing, this non-salesy piece. All our customers that pitch too early in their LinkedIn conversations, end the thread and the person stops responding. We drip non-salesy messages over time, ask a question, send useful content, finally asking for a meeting.
During the onboarding call we will build a series of scripts that you will approve. Our team will never send out any messages on your behalf that are not a part of these pre-approved scripts.
The initial onboarding call is 90 minutes. After that you can expect to spend anywhere from 10-20 minutes per day responding to and nurturing the leads we hand off to you.
You will have an account manager who runs and handles your LinkedIn account for you. Every day they will clean out your LinkedIn inbox and send you updates and action steps for any leads you need to follow up with.
Yes. You will need to upgrade to LinkedIn Sales Navigator. There is a free 30 day trial and Sales Navigator costs $79.99 per month after the trial ends.
Yes, we will manage your LinkedIn profile on your behalf, so that we can grow your network.
Our service is suitable for almost any b2b business with a strong value proposition but to be sure though, get in touch and we’ll tell you whether or not we’ll be able to assist you with your lead generation efforts.

There are tons of variables at play with every customer, so it is hard to provide a one-size-fits-all expectation. However, when contacting cold prospects on LinkedIn you can reasonably expect a ~15% to 30% acceptance rate, a ~4% to ~15% reply rate, and a ~2% to ~5% conversion rate. Elements that make your approach more relevant to the reader can lift your conversion significantly.

Yes, you can. Contact us to get your discount for multiple users and scale your outreach.

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